Your KM Vision is
Our KM Mission

We aspire to solve organizational challenges around knowledge and information capture, transfer, and sharing to empower personnel to make informative decisions.


We are a multi-industry Knowledge Management (KM) consultancy dedicated to elevating the process of gathering, organizing, storing, and accessing your workplace data and information. Our client industries portfolio includes Communications-Media, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Information Technology, and Public Sector. 

Spark Thought professionals are specialists in Intranet & Portals, KM Systems, Learning Solutions, Regulatory Compliance, Technical Documentation, and Website Design & Development. Our expert team crafts large-scale, efficient solutions customized to your KM corporate needs. For KM invention or reinvention, our combined expertise with Knowledge Management and our passion for problem-solving will transform your organization.

We listen. We innovate. We deliver your unique KM solutions.



Aman Venkat CEO/Executive Consultant

With over 18 years of management and consultancy experience, Aman believes that clients need to be guided to and connected to the right resources through simple, actionable solutions customized to multi-industry client needs. Her expert team creates and delivers unique client solutions in the capture, sharing, and effective use of enterprise knowledge so that client goals are achieved.

Enterprise Intranet and Portals Specialists

Our Enterprise Intranet & Portals specialist knows that effective company intranets should pass this simple “Three C’s” test: A company’s intranet needs to be designed with the right applications so their workforce can easily Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate. Our Intranet and Portal experts create unique intranet and portal solutions that amplify knowledge accessibility and navigation, expand team ideation and interaction, and elevate overall productivity and efficiency.

Knowledge Management System Solutionists

Our KM System Solutionists bring expert know-how to enterprise your knowledge base needs. They design KM systems that help your people find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. From developing new ways to capture, store, and share your company knowledge to managing the unique flow of information throughout your organization by creating and implementing the right digital tools, they strive to ensure that everyone has easy access to the knowledge they need to do their jobs effectively. Their motto is when it comes to enterprise knowledge? Keep it vast, find it fast, and make it last.

Learning Solutions Consultants

Our Learning Solutions consultants know that training done right can improve workplace safety and operations, create desired behavior and skillset change, and accelerate overall business productivity while respecting workers’ learning styles, choices, and time.

Regulatory Compliance Consultants

Our Regulatory Compliance consultants are experts at making sure all the rules are covered. They thoroughly research and help develop processes and programs to ensure enterprise-wide compliance with applicable laws and standards, making companies audit-ready and regulations-assured.

Technical Documentation Specialists

Our technical writers believe that all clients have the right to expect exceptional writing that meets all unique enterprise needs. With over 35 years of combined writing experience in creating clear, accurate, and on-point enterprise documentation, their vast expertise covers an array of organizational documentation needs from operations manuals, employee handbooks, and emergency plans to marketing and HR content.

Website Design & Development Innovators

Our website designers and developers are masters at crafting website solutions that uniquely showcase a company’s services/products. They possess advanced UX-UI skillsets that serve as the foundation of creating aesthetically appealing form and easily navigable function. These combine to express an organization’s unique personality and to target the acceleration of service-product sales and customer satisfaction


We have a strong inclination to empower, inspire, share, and collaborate. Our belief is that organized and easily accessed information is the catalyst for effective problem-solving, not only for companies but for the world. Given this, we aspire to solve organizational challenges around the capture, structure, transfer, and accessibility of enterprise knowledge. From Knowledge Management innovation to activation, we create solutions for today’s knowledge challenges and create a better tomorrow for our clients, stakeholders, and community at large.

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