We know the power of knowledge sharing. Sharing what we learn and know helps our clients learn and know. This, in turn, can spark business change and ignite business growth.

We invite you to explore our collection to learn about our SPARK Model, knowledge management, and a variety of relevant business topics that benefit from effective knowledge management including business operations, enterprise documentation, regulatory compliance, and corporate training and learning.

Our SPARK Process Client-Collaborative

Our unique SPARK Model is designed to meet unique client Knowledge Management needs. Learn more about it below.

S = Scope

Using our expert gap analysis skills, we access the SCOPE of your organization’s Knowledge to discover gaps between its current state and it’s desired state.

P = Plan

We create a dynamic, actionable PLAN to address the gaps, including detailed and customized KM solutions to help reach the desired state.

A = Action

We take ACTION to implement your KM solution using functional innovation. This includes defining and creating new, necessary, and customized features of your Knowledge Management Program.

R = Review

We measure, evaluate, and refine your KM solution to ensure all defined gaps are resolved and are achieving researched optimal results.

K = Knowledge

Your organization gains the long-term efficiency and cost-effectiveness of centralized, renewable, and expandable knowledge resources that connect all employees to quick and easy ways to share, access, collaborate, and create.


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