Consulting Services for Downsizing

Downsizing is an experience that no organization wants to go through. However, it is sometimes necessary. Laying off a portion of your workforce is unpleasant for everyone involved. It is stressful for the people losing their jobs, but it is also difficult for the remaining employees who may be upset and concerned whether they will be next. Team dynamics may suffer greatly as feelings of trust are damaged, leading to low morale and damaging the organization’s culture in ways that are difficult to repair.

When you are faced with the need for downsizing at your organization, Spark Thought can provide consulting services, during this rough period of transition, to help you manage change and implement measures to reduce harm as much as possible.

Support During Downsizing

Spark Thought is a strategic consulting firm that provides operations and management support services to a wide range of clients, across multiple industries. Our services include: Knowledge Management, Regulatory Compliance, Technical Writing, Collaboration and Portals, and Instructional Design.

We have experience providing change management services to major corporations undergoing downsizing. We can assist in maintaining confidentiality and managing relationships, while strictly adhering to ethical standards as teams are realigned and new organizational structures are being put in place. We do this by analyzing the specifics of your situation and providing innovative solutions that address your needs.

Downsizing and reorganizing a company may result in a temporary reduction in productivity. It is crucial for management to acknowledge this transition period as employees adjust to their new roles. Training assists all employees in acclimating and makes their transition as smooth as possible. As part of the comprehensive plan that we customize for you, Spark Thought can develop and run training programs, including the creation of course materials and training modules, implementation of e-learning, and the hosting and running of classes and workshops.

Communication is Crucial

At all levels of this difficult process, communication is crucial. Employees will have more confidence in management if the rationale for the downsizing is clearly explained and they are kept abreast of the changes that are coming, rather than finding themselves feeling adrift due to receiving inadequate information. Spark Thought can provide an array of communications solutions, ranging from setting up websites or pathways for communication to advising management on the language of announcements and updates.

As a management consulting firm with a focus on strategy consulting, Spark Thought is well-equipped to assist you when downsizing becomes necessary. We analyze the specifics of your situation and develop strategic solutions to help make a trying time a little less difficult for everyone involved. If your organization is facing these challenges, don’t feel you have to face them alone.