What is Technical Writing?

Although it may seem unfamiliar, you see technical writing much more often than you think. Our everyday life is flooded with signs and instructions that tell us what to do and how to do it. That instruction manual to help put your new desk together, your employee handbook that tells you the expectations on your job, and even the website’s “About Us” section are all the handiwork of a technical writer. Their key purpose is to simplify your life. Technical Writers take the time to pull from various resources and create content that can range from 1 sentence that tells you “Warning May Contain Nuts” to a 20-page instruction manual that has pictures to go along with each detail.

As consumers technical writing not only keeps us aware but keeps us current on what’s happening across multiple industries. We can pull up Apple’s latest press release and see all the new features and specs of the iPhone, read up on white papers to know what the experts have about any industry’s challenges, and almost daily receive a template email about goods or services from multiple vendors. Technical writing helps us to be productive human beings in our everyday lives and quite often can be taken for granted.

Technical Writing and Business

The variety of ways technical writing shows up is highly beneficial when it comes to business. Technical writing creates content for businesses that can be used internally or for the public. Most of the internal materials a technical writer creates can establish structure and organization as well as inform employees of changes and how to effectively implement them going forward. Most importantly, internal technical documents are utilized as tools to maintain and advance the great work a company has done to serve their industry. External communication materials such as proposals, websites, and press releases can not only attract new business but foster clear communications that establish trust and respect inside and outside of organizations.

A good technical writer knows how to utilize the resources within a company and create content and materials that can foster positive organizational changes. Working with a firm who has knowledge and expertise in developing materials across a variety of industries can bring new perspective. Spark Thought can help by taking a detail-oriented approach and working with your Subject Matter Experts to simplify complex processes and create well-written, clear, and informative documentation. Let us use our expertise to meet your business needs.