Navigating Industry Trends
with Innovative
Knowledge Management

Becoming an industry leader relies on balancing what’s now with what’s next. Companies across all industries need to merge the reality of what is working for them today with the vision that industry trends are shaping for tomorrow.

Our expert Knowledge Management (KM) solutions respect unique client KM steps while moving them forward on their evolving industry paths.

Treading Current
Business Trends

To remain competitive, all industries explore new ways to navigate current trends. Centralized, secure company information that is regularly updated and easily accessed helps companies traverse current business trends while maintaining what traditionally works for them.

Sustainable Operations

More than ever, improving sustainability and costs across all business operations is a must.

Many companies are seeing the benefits of creating and implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In fact, 53% of revenues of the 500 largest US companies come from business activities that support SDGs –S&P Global

We can help by analyzing current enterprise resources and developing a customized sustainability action plan that sets you on a path of sustainable, profitable operations.

Changing Work Culture

74% of U.S. companies either are currently using or plan to implement a permanent hybrid work model.- Squaretalk

Post-pandemic business norms have changed. Employees expect more flexibility with where and when and how they work, prompting employers to reassess and adopt flatter, more agile hybrid work structures.

We help companies make shifts to these more modern workplace designs by working with them to
re-envision their IT infrastructures and operational processes so they can create work experiences that meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

Labor Shortage

Begin with employee turnover continues to be major issue across industries, creating an unprecedented labor shortage. According to the Us Chamber of Congress, “the latest data shows that we have over 10 million job openings in the U.S.—but only around 6 million unemployed workers.”

The potential loss of valuable skill and knowledge going out the door with departing employees can create potential operational and productivity gaps.

We can help by offering customized solutions that capture, structure, and provide on-demand access to valuable current employee knowledge and skill before they exit.

New Normal Compliance

There’s nothing new about the reality all industries face when it comes to dealing with changing Federal, State, and Local regulations.

From “green business” directives to an increased demand for more diversity and equity in personnel and work experiences, companies must keep a keen eye on many emerging guidelines and rules.

We can assist by performing thorough gap analyses to detect and resolve compliance issues and creating a centralized data management platform that ensures that compliance data is current, correctly and safely stored, and easily accessed to support ongoing company compliance.

Self-Paced Employee Training

A major trend corporate training that is employees want training that is individualized, job-embedded, and time efficient. E-learning offers self-paced, on-demand short modules that require 40%-60% less employee time. —Brandon Hall

To effectively implement E-learning, many organizations need to redesign traditional training content and address new training needs for in-person and remote learners.

We can help organizations achieve their training goals by creating self-paced, on-demand, short learning modules that are easy to understand, easy to complete, and customized to the different skill levels of all employees.

Workplace DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

Diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture new markets.

There is no denying that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives continue to trend. Businesses who successfully leverage their diversity are clearly seeing the benefits. The creation of customized company DEI initiatives starts with company leadership examining and articulating the strengths and weaknesses in how fairness and equity are currently being addressed across an increasingly diverse employee experience.

With the help of our skilled consultants, organizations can analyze their current DEI trends and gaps then design their own strategic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) management plan to create an inclusive and equitable work culture.

Industry Paths Forward
with Knowledge Management

Communications & Media

For the Communications and Media industries, rapid response to changing consumer demands for quality connectivity and mobile media is the new competitive edge. We help companies keep updated track of the demands and changes so they keep their market edge.


Seamless communication and easy access to many different types of information and contractors are the foundations of profit in the construction industry. Consistent operational procedures and emergency response plans ensure safety and cost-effectiveness.

Maximize efficiency and minimize cost with our customized solutions to digitally manage real-time project stakeholder communication and standardized business knowledge.


The way forward for the energy industry presents challenges as companies take steps to reduce their carbon footprints while increasing their financial profits. Our customized KMS Systems and Regulatory Compliance services can help transform challenges into innovations as companies work to adopt safer, cleaner, and compliant business models.


Standardized procedures plus privacy-protected financial information that is easily accessed yield customer loyalty and profit gain in the financial industry. We can help financial institutions optimize and standardize their information processes.


Healthcare providers offer the critical care that saves and improves lives. We can provide customized solutions for the critical care of patient and medical information, from centralized access to securing privacy.

Information Technology

The information technology industry is a cultural change catalyst. As IT companies continue to map the future with emerging and evolving technologies, our KM services assist them in managing present process and communication needs from IT developers to end users.

Public Sector

For government agencies, modernization means standardization. We help federal, state, and local officials seamlessly collaborate with clear, standardized processes and documentation.

Communications & Media

The communications & media Industries are the drivers of an increasingly interconnected and changing world. These industries have their own unique challenges while working in tandem. Communications companies vie for the competitive edge in meeting professional and personal needs for higher-speed data and network quality-availability. Media companies must rapidly innovate to offer a range of high-quality mobile content via these networks while integrating the digital advertising that results in profit.

Spark Thought connects communications & media companies to premier, customized Knowledge Management solutions so they keep pace with the rapidly changing market trends and keep their competitive edge.

Our effective Knowledge Management solutions can help with:

  • Gathering, organizing, and centralizing access to company information for more efficient decision-making and productivity
  • Monitoring and updating product and services information
  • Updating and streamlining sales order processes
  • Updating and implementing an intranet system combined with an automated workflow application to improve process efficiency
  • Updating call system efficiency, potentially improving capacity and reducing costs
  • Assisting with regulatory compliance

Contact us today to begin a more productive and profitable tomorrow.


Construction is a people-and knowledge-intensive industry.  Project leaders and subcontractors must connect with each other to complete projects safely and thoroughly. Mastery of job-specific knowledge including job skills, laws-regulations, and best practices is crucial for safety and quality. 

The industry faces current challenges including skilled labor shortages that can compromise business productivity and longevity as well as outdated communication methods that impact efficiency and costs.

Spark Thought’s customized KM solutions can reduce project cost and time and help to eliminate regulation, communication, and knowledge gaps. Our services include:

  • Gathering, organizing, and creating easy and quick centralized access to past construction project information to improve decision-making on current projects
  • Gathering and storing specific journeyman/trades experience to maintain quality and continuity in job performance  
  • Connecting the construction site team with easy-to-use collaboration tools
  • Assisting with regulatory compliance

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Given the current, global push to modernize and maximize, companies in the energy sector have many challenges. The call to address energy sustainability, environmental impacts, and expanding renewable energies are just some of these challenges. From the long-established industries of oil, gas, coal, and electric to the newer wind and solar industries, innovations that are cleaner, cost-effective, and efficient are being called for. Answering this call requires updated energy, safety, and security processes and protocols.

 Spark Thought’s innovative KM Solutions can help energy companies to keep pace with the market trends and promote their business expansion.  Our services include:

  • Streamlining records, data, and documentation into a centralized, online knowledge management platform offering ease of access and cross-referencing
  • Creating/updating testing process documentation
  • Updating, revising, reformatting, and editing procurement procedure documents
  • Updating policies for personnel Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) regulations
  • Assisting with regulatory compliance

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Long wait times. Inaccurate information. Security breaches. The financial industry is constantly adapting to have the most efficient operations when delivering the most accurate and expedient services. For banks and other financial institutions, personnel need access to centralized information and processes to ensure that customers and auditors are satisfied and to ensure that sensitive personal information is safe and secure. 

Spark Thought’s expert Knowledge Management solutions can help with:

  • Centralizing and updating reliable information
  • Connecting branches-offices to standardize processes and productivity
  • Creating easy and quick access to information
  • Clarifying and optimizing customer experiences/services
  • Collecting and securing sensitive information 
  • Managing regulatory compliance

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Driven by data, the healthcare industry is constantly cycling research and information on the latest medical and technological advancements to facilitate better patient care. Doctors must make accurate medical decisions and provide expedient and personalized patient treatment without malpractice worries. Patients expect speedy and up-to-date access to their accurate and secure medical information. With its wide range of related services, the Healthcare Industry relies on a seamless network of accurate, organized, and collated information that reduces risks of misdiagnoses and treatment errors and increases the accuracy and ease of life-changing and life-saving work.

The many unique and layered Knowledge Management needs of the Healthcare Industry require expert, customized service and Spark Thought delivers with innovative solutions including:

  • Transforming information overload into knowledge engagement by gathering, organizing, and storing the knowledge of many medical professionals in one centralized system
  • Creating portals to create easy access to current information for medical personnel improving their abilities to make accurate medical decisions
  • Empowering collaboration between medical professionals while protecting doctor/patient confidentiality
  • Improving patient engagement systems and integrating patient services such as self-help and post-discharge information and services

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Information Technology

IT companies must continually stay apace with rapid, sophisticated advances in technology and connect customers to the newest products in clear, easy ways. From system set up to network maintenance, security testing, and tech support, IT companies must build and manage many components of IT infrastructures to ensure that business information and operations flow without interruption or flaw. This is where IT and Knowledge Management go hand in hand. IT companies know how to build efficient systems, and Knowledge Management experts know how to efficiently organize and help customers use the systems built. 

Spark Thought’s Knowledge Management expertise helps ensure the smooth flow of business when introducing new information systems and tools. Our services include:

  • Creating clear, user-friendly documentation for IT system use and operations
  • Creating clear, user-friendly trouble-shooting guidance for IT systems
  • Creating training materials for IT system use
  • Clearly documenting and offering easy access to created tech infrastructures allowing client previews prior to IT demos
  • Assisting with security and regulatory compliance

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Public Sector

To maximize the efficient and effective use and delivery of information, Government Agencies need centralized, standardized information and multi-leveled people connections. These include employee-to-employee, agency-to-agency, and agencies-to-citizens connections. This real-time, easy, and efficient connection and access to accurate information/knowledge will facilitate coordinated decision-making, processes, and multi-agency projects. 

Spark Thought’s expert Knowledge Management solutions can help with:

  • Creating content portals within and across government agencies that enable information to flow based on who needs it and how it is classified
  • Organizing and centralizing key records—including employee and citizen records, claims, etc. 
  • Monitoring and updating knowledge
  • Creating standardized documentation and training materials
  • Enabling collaborations that spark innovation, allowing employees to work more efficiently and productively

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