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Below are some of our success stories showcasing our customized and transformative client solutions.

Client Case Studies

Efficient Testing Procedural and Guideline Documentation

SCOPE: Our valued client owns and operates natural gas pipelines at numerous locations across the United States. Their highest priority is to ensure safety by maintaining the integrity of these pipelines so they can continue to provide reliable delivery of natural gas and hazardous liquids. One key component of the client’s safety program is hydrostatic pressure testing, which is testing sections of the pipeline to verify that it is structurally sound.

SPARK THOUGHT was asked to write Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Guideline documentation. We collaborated with key stakeholders to assess the current state of their hydrostatic testing program and to determine their desired testing documentation state and other related factors and parameters. We then completed a detailed gap analysis of the client’s current state to determine the full scope of their specific testing documentation needs.

PLAN: Our Regulatory Compliance and Technical Documentation specialists drafted a cost-effective plan to address process documentation needs for performing these hydrostatic pressure tests, including the steps required to request and gain approvals for performing the tests and flexible collaborative workshop times respecting the client’s schedule.

ACTION: The following are some of the actions we performed to fulfill the client’s documentation needs:

  1. Implemented a discovery workshop with the client’s Subject Matter Experts (SME)s to learn about their process for gaining approvals and performing this testing.
  2. Separated the testing process into three phases:
  3. Pre-Test: Request and gain approvals for performance of hydrostatic tests and ensure confirmation that the tests can be conducted.
  4. Performing the Test: Commence the process of conducting the test.
  5. Post-Test: Review test results and either gain approval and depressurize or repeat the test and document all results.
  6. Implemented regular workshops with SMEs to create flow charts covering the approval process for each phase (Pre-Test, Performing the Test, and Post-Test).
  7. Documented procedures based on the flow charts to explain each step of the process.
  8. Researched current hydrostatic testing methods to update and expand the guideline documentation.

REVIEW: We used our five-point project review and delivery check on our testing process solution including:

  1. Measuring and verifying that all client’s testing process-guideline needs were met
  2. Evaluating the degree to which our testing process solution met client’s needs
  3. Resolving any remaining gaps in our solution to ensure step-by-step accuracy in their testing process
  4. Refining overall quality of documentation and related materials created
  5. Ensuring on-time product delivery

KNOWLEDGE: Our cost-effective, efficient project process saved this client costs and time by enabling them to conduct necessary testing while we took care of clarifying, augmenting, and clearly documenting their processes. Secure in the knowledge that Spark Thought delivers value and quality, the client has requested our services on several follow-up projects. They trust our reputation for superior planning and analysis, exceptional writing and documentation skills, outstanding project turn-around times, and the exacting attention-to-detail we provide for the work we produce.

SPARK THOUGHT has broad experience helping major organizations and corporations assess their technical process documentation and implement solutions that are customized to address their specific needs. Beyond this, we have performed regulatory compliance gap analyses for oil and gas companies, created written procedures to cover new regulations, designed new forms and records management processes, assisted with preparation for government audits, and generated course materials for compliance training. We listen. We collaborate and innovate. We deliver customized Knowledge Management Solutions.

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