Custom made is customer made

Business evolves. Global challenges such as Covid-19 create the need for companies to reimagine work purposes and reinvent work environments.

Bigger consulting companies tend to offer the same solutions to all clients, promising to get them back on the path of success. Rather than going back to, we help our clients move ahead.

We specialize in customizing services to unique business needs. Our adept team specializes in client-tailored, innovative Knowledge Management services that will set your organization on its distinct path of success.


We listen. We innovate. We deliver your unique KM Solutions.
We customize Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) that can include:

Regulatory Programs, Process Workflows, Collaboration Tools, Procedural and Policy Content, Enterprise Portals, Website Design and Development, Training Modules, Corporate Communications, On-Demand Help/FAQ Content


  • Enterprise Intranet & Portals

    Enterprise Intranet & Portals

    Improve work processes and connect your workforce

  • Knowledge Management Systems

    Knowledge Management Systems

    Transform unstructured knowledge and data into easily accessed knowledge assets to maximize efficiency and productivity

  • Learning Solutions

    Learning Solutions

    Educate and elevate your workforce to improve productivity and quality control

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Regulatory Compliance

    Manage industry specifications, standards, regulations, and laws to minimize risk

  • Technical Documentation

    Technical Documentation

    Create, simplify, and standardize workplace content to ensure understanding and safety

  • Website Design & Development

    Website Design & Development

    Craft the look, feel, and functionality of your company website to boost sales and revenue


“By 2024, enterprises with intelligent and collaborative work environments will see 30% lower staff turnover, 30% higher productivity, and 30% higher revenue per employee than their peers.” –

Teamwork or Collaborative Work Teams: What’s the difference? Teamwork is just that: individuals who have their own parts in completing a project. Collaboration involves a team thinking together and sometimes tackling individual responsibilities together from project inception to completion. While both have their places in operations, team collaboration can make a difference in improving problem-solving, increasing efficiency and productivity, and creating a positive work environment that promotes inclusivity and employee retention.

Well-designed enterprise intranets and portals can integrate users, applications, content, and collaborative tools to elevate collaborative work environments. They provide easy, 24/7 access to structured, constantly updating enterprise knowledge and connect team members for real-time communication and collaboration.

How We Can Help

We help organizations create and foster collaborative knowledge-sharing cultures in their workplaces by connecting people, processes, and information. Our customized intranets and portals expedite efficient employee use of rapidly increasing amounts of data and elevate team ideation and production efforts, resulting in multifaceted workplace collaborations that meet the demanding pace of dynamic business operations and ignite increased process and product innovation.

Our Enterprise Intranet & Portal Services include:

  • Constructing customized collaborative intranets and extranet platforms and standardizing access on all platforms and devices

  • Analyzing user behavior to determine how information is relayed through portals and optimizing search options to help your users find answers easily and quickly

  • Ensuring secure internal collaborations through SharePoint intranet portals with two-factor authorization, single sign-on, and self-service password reset

  • Enabling managers to monitor KPIs and the status of projects through customized dashboards to increase efficiency and reduce cycle times for product launches

  • Performing cloud migrations of existing collaboration portal systems and upgrading portal systems with tools to facilitate enhanced knowledge sharing

  • Designing, developing, and managing client portals to facilitate knowledge management and providing value to customers by integrating messages across many points of contact

“The total amount of data created, captured, copied, and consumed globally is forecast to increase rapidly, reaching 64.2 zettabytes in 2020. Over the next five years up to 2025, global data creation is projected to grow to more than 180 zettabytes.” (Statista)

Business success rests on making decisions that result in better business processes for employees and customers. The best business decisions depend on effectively and efficiently using enterprise knowledge. That was what Knowledge Management is all about. KM productively captures, organizes, secures, and creates easy access to enterprise knowledge including big data–those huge, unwieldy volumes of structured and unstructured data that are always expanding and legacy knowledge— specialized individual and/or departmental competencies such as leadership skills, technical know-how, and specialized process skillsets.

A Knowledge Management System (KMS) is the technology used to implement Knowledge Management. The KMS organizes, stores, and retrieves the collective knowledge of an organization and provides on-demand access to right information at the right time. A well designed KMS eliminates time wasted trying to find or duplicating necessary information. It facilitates better customer experiences and clear employee workflow paths and is directly proportional to employee engagement, product and process innovations, and optimal operational performance.

How We Can Help

We create customized Knowledge Management Systems (KMSs) that upgrade and streamline corporate processes to maximize engagement, efficiency, and productivity.

 Our KMS Services include:

  • Conducting assessments of current corporate processes to identify gaps in existing knowledge management frameworks

  • Identifying, creating, sharing, storing, and deploying knowledge for teams, departments, and/or for company-wide use

  • Designing and developing actionable, facility-specific knowledge management system frameworks, procedures, processes, and policies

  • Using the most current and appropriate technology to effectively execute knowledge management organization and access for employees and clients

  • Developing customized knowledge management plans of action to drive long-term change while supporting the decision-making process

  • Creating a process for regular review of and expansion of knowledge management results based on established performance measures

“93% of employees want easy-to-complete training; 91% want their training to be personalized and relevant.” —

Businesses need training that is affordable and easily adaptable for ongoing learning. Workers need training that is professionally relevant and easily accomplished during the workday. Everyone wants training that is job-embedded and time-efficient and that results in corporate goal achievements in efficiency and productivity and improved employee job satisfaction and retention.

Well-designed and well-implemented eLearning can meet all these wants and needs. It is created by expert Instructional Design (ID), based on current, proven instructional theory and methodology. ID delivers cost-effective, on-demand eLearning micromodules that are self-paced and easily completed by employees while being easily tasked and tracked by managers.

How We Can Help

We help organizations create and foster ongoing learning cultures by assessing their unique training needs and delivering customized learning solutions. Our Learning Solutionists have extensive backgrounds in current adult learning theory and Instructional Design processes that result in eLearning solutions that respect collective corporate training goals and individual learner needs.

Our Learning Solutions Services Include:

  • Conducting a discovery workshop to determine the client’s current state of training and desired state of training with refined learning goals

  • Conducting gap and audience analyses of the client’s current training program and workforce learning styles to better facilitate the acquisition of knowledge

  • Designing and customizing training material based on proven systems for project training and current learning theories of adult learning

  • Creating eLearning micromodules using our unique IGNITE Learning Stride microlesson design to meet all workforce skill levels and reinforce learning

  • Assessing instructional material structure and delivery effectiveness and adapting learning materials regularly, based on changing trends or improvement factors

  • Consulting with client on their learning management system needs including its organization, managements, and security

“Non-compliance costs businesses on average $4,005,116 in revenue losses.” (Globalscape)

Business is about the win, not the loss. Too often, just when companies are at the top of their games in aligning business practices to current, applicable regulations, they are thrown the curveballs of rule changes.

It takes team effort to ensure a company is meeting the up-to-date regulatory standards applicable to its business. It takes regulations expertise to facilitate a work culture of compliance and to match the right compliance tools to that culture, resulting in the wins of fiscal responsibility, employee and client safety, and business protection.

How We Can Help

Spark Thought’s Regulatory Compliance Services are game changers ensuring company leadership and stakeholders that current regulations are being followed to avoid huge fines, closures, loss of license, and more. Our Regulatory Compliance Consultants are pros at keeping you at the top of your compliance game.

Our Regulatory Compliance Services include:

  • Identifying and monitoring changes in regulatory compliance laws for client industries and assisting with updating procedures to ensure regulatory alignment

  • Rewriting policy and procedures programs and documents for federal, state, and local regulations

  • Assigning and training the right personnel on facets of compliance to ensure a compliant workforce

  • Creating transparent, easy-to-understand compliance documentation on processes and roles involved

  • Recommending best practices while also reducing fraud, waste, and abuse and providing audit support

  • Standardizing all practices by creating a framework throughout your organization making sure to address all important compliance risks

“Bad writing is costing American businesses close to $400 billion every year.” –The Daily Beast

“Businesses are spending as much as $3.1 billion on remedial writing training—annually.” –Collegeboard

Business communications continue to evolve, but the need for clearly written corporate documentation is ever-present. From processes, policies, and procedures to project proposals and compliance material, highly technical processes and content must be converted into simple, easy-to-understand language for optimal corporate productivity and profit. To accomplish this, an upfront investment in Technical Documentation services is more cost-effective than the backend spending of billions trying to put in place what is not present.

Technical Writers are the most reliable creators of effective Technical Documentation. These expert explainers transform raw data and complicated processes/ideas into transparent, usable information and knowledge. Skilled process translators, they understand an entire complex project from high-level goals to the intricacies of implementation and create standardized corporate documentation that end users easily understand.

How We Can Help

Spark Thought’s Technical Documentation Services uncomplicate the complicated by creating customized, clear documentation. We help companies simplify complex processes, policies, and other business content into clear language that is easily understood by both technical and non-technical audiences.

Our Technical Documentation Services Include:

  • Analyzing the client’s target audience to determine their informational needs and ensure clear communication to them

  • Collaborating closely with the client’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to gather and fully understand the necessary information for desired documentation creation

  • Determining the most effective document structure and using the most user-friendly language to explain and illustrate information on page and screen

  • Creating and selecting clear, appropriate graphics to illustrate processes, procedures, and concepts to enhance the clarity of information delivery

  • Designing documentation with consistent, clear structuring and formatting and using the client’s style guide to maintain client brand and document consistency

  • Producing easy-to-use deliverables including user guides, regulatory compliance and audit documentation, emergency response plans, operations and maintenance manuals, onboarding materials, and quick reference guides

“75 percent of consumers admit that they judge businesses’ credibility based on their website design.” –Stanford Web Credibility Research

Positive first impressions create interest. Positive lasting impressions create customers. For competitive businesses, the company website should be creating both. A well-designed website can increase an organization’s credibility, strengthen brand recognition, and turn curious visitors into client leads.

Effective Web Design focuses on premier user experience and translates an organization’s unique and credible personality and purpose into the sleek look and feel of its website. Efficient Web Development ensures fluid website functionality so users can navigate easily. And it isn’t just about quick, flawless, and secure desktop functionality anymore. Websites need to be mobile-friendly, translating accurately and proportionately to different mobile devices.

How We Can Help

Spark Thought’s Website Design and Development Team can create striking and easily navigable websites that offer current and potential customers easy understanding of and access to what your business offers. Whether you seek to improve an existing website or build one from scratch, our innovative design team can deliver!

Our Website Design and Development Services include:

  • Conducting gap and audience analyses to determine business website desired state, to assess and target user behaviors, and identify gaps in the user experience

  • Creating a website design plan to thoroughly address all identified gaps in the client’s current website state and to elevate it to their desired state

  • Working with the client’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to create and/or upgrade written content and scripts using dynamic libraries, frameworks, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Creating graphic elements and image-optimized wireframes that connect the different aspects of the website and ensure responsive mobile design

  • Working with the database, data processing, and integration with 3rd-party services to ensure data is exchanged in a secure and efficient manner

  • Creating prototypes and conducting quality assurance and user experience testing to ensure customized, unified site design and seamless website functionality


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