Turning Business Challenges Into Business Capabilities

Collaboration, expert skillsets, and client best interests form the foundation of our trademarked SPARK project process that ensures our client’s business needs are met.

Below are some of our success stories showcasing our customized and transformative client solutions.

Client Case Studies

Evolution and Elevation of Business Website Design

SCOPE: Our valued client, one of the largest providers of cremation services, wanted a website relaunch focused on their upgraded branding strategy which included redesigned site layout, expanded and reorganized content, and improved user navigation.

Spark Thought was asked to redesign the company website. We collaborated with key stakeholders to discuss the current state of the client’s brand strategy and website, areas of concerns, and desired enhancements. We then completed a detailed gap analysis of the brand strategy and current website design to determine the full scope of their specific website needs.

PLAN: Our Website Design & Development experts created a detailed website relaunch plan including a refreshed brand story accompanied by a new site map illustrating design and content recommendations to align their refined brand strategy and website.

ACTION: Putting our plan to meet the client’s website 2.0 needs into action, we:

  1.   Created new page designs for current webpages
  2. Created new pages to deliver new branding presence and service information
  3. Repurposed relevant existing content and created new content to build brand credibility and increase web traffic and sales leads
  4. Implemented regular workshops with the client’s SMEs to expand content and refine design
  5. Created wireframe layouts and prototypes to help client visualize the new website and collaborate on its evolution
  6. Expanded and created new website content based on current website marketing research

REVIEW:  We used our five-point project review and delivery check on our website solution including:

  1. Measuring and verifying that all client’s website needs were met
  2. Evaluating the degree to which our website design and development solution met client’s needs
  3. Resolving any remaining gaps in our solution to ensure full delivery of and alignment to their upgraded branding strategy
  4. Refining overall website design quality and testing-refining user navigation
  5. Ensuring on-time product delivery

KNOWLEDGE: Per client’s unique portal needs, Spark Thought delivered an upgraded website solution that honored the client’s brand strategy, included fully redesigned page layouts and graphics, and that offered updated and expanded services and insights content as well as enhanced user navigation. The client acknowledged that our Website Design & Development experts had beautifully captured their unique brand personality and delivered a website design meeting their needs for upgraded visual appeal and navigational ease.

SPARK THOUGHT has broad experience helping major organizations and corporations assess their website design goals and implement solutions that are customized to address their specific needs. Beyond this, we have performed regulatory compliance gap analyses for oil and gas companies, created written procedures to cover new regulations, designed new forms and records management processes, assisted with preparation for government audits, and generated course materials for compliance training. We listen. We collaborate and innovate. We deliver customized Knowledge Management Solutions.

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