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Oct 27 • 11:10

Why You Shouldn’t Write It YourselfMeasuring Performance: KPIs

Companies rely on a variety of vital documentation to ensure that business operates efficiently, profitably, and safely. However, sometimes the writing of necessary corporate documentation is approached as an auxiliary task that any or all employees can take on. After all, anyone can write, right? Wrong. Especially when it comes to complicated concepts and processes that need to be broken down into easy-to-understand pieces and conveyed to a broad audience. It takes a skilled writer with expertise in explaining information thoroughly and clearly. It takes a process-minded thinker who can logically organize details to be easily understood by all. It takes a technical writer. 

The corporate materials a technical writer creates meet a variety of business purposes. They establish operational structures and create processes as well as inform employees of changes and how to effectively implement them going forward. Examples of corporate technical documentation include operational manuals, onboarding documents, online help systems, compliance documentation, instructional materials, and even video tutorials (they need scripting). Most importantly, technical documentation is vital to maintain and advance the productive work a company does to serve customers and their industry. 

So don’t task just anyone with your business writing needs. Technical writers have a keen awareness of audience, purpose, and topic. They have the refined skills of matching the right language, the right sentence design, the right formatting to the right audience, ensuring information is clearly conveyed and easy to understand. Putting your business writing needs in the capable hands of technical writers fosters clear communication strategies that establish trust and respect inside and outside of your organization.

SPARK THOUGHT an help with your technical writing needs. We take a detail-oriented approach while working with your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to simplify complex processes and create well-written, clear, and informative documentation. Let us use our expertise to meet your business needs. We listen. We collaborate and innovate. We deliver customized Knowledge Management Solutions. 

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